Affordable Care Act


Is your family uninsured?  Are you paying too much for individual health insurance?

The Affordable Care Act

  • Insurance Companies will no longer be able to deny coverage based on health.
  • Will provide assistance paying health insurance premiums using a federal subsidy for health insurance through the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange.


The Affordable Care Act is here now.  And with IT  individuals, families, businesses and those on Medicare may be entitled to receive additional benefits as well as lowering the costs for health coverage.  Enrollment is limited and ends prior to March 31st.  If you do not enroll in a plan during the enrollment period, you may not enroll into a health plan until the next enrollment period without special circumstances.  It is important that you act soon so that you too can take advantage of the many benefits Americans will now be entitled to receive under the Act.

To begin the enrollment process we can help you set up an account with no obligation and no cost to you.  However by creating an account you will begin to review plans and costs in addition to the additional benefits and subsidies you will eligible to receive.  Be sure to Contact Us or submit the information form and we will set up and account for you so you may be sure that you will receive all the benefits you are entitled to.




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