Individual and Family Health Insurance

With the Affordable Care Act families can save thousands of dollars each year when they qualify for subsidies to pay health insurance premiums, and you will be surprise how easy it is to qualify to receive these subsidies.  You don’t have to be low income to qualify, in fact families that earn over a $100,000 a year still qualify.

But it does not stop there.  Most people will look for the lowest premium plan when comparing health insurnce plans with similar deductibles and office visit copays.  But the lowest premium plan is not always the lowest cost plan.  Here is why.  Depending on how much of a subsidy you qualify for, you may be eligible to recieve cost sharing subsidies as well if you select a higher prieced Silever metalic plan.  That’s right, by selecting a Silver plan costing more than the less expensive lower tiered plans you may receive additional subisidies which will offset the cost of your deductibe and copays.  The net results is by the end of the year after you have paid your premiums and the copays and deductibles you may end up paying less with a higher priced Silver Plan than if you simply choose the lowest priced plan based on your monthly premiums alone.

Another consider you must take in to account are Prescription Costs.  These will vary with each plan and formulary.  In addition we can provide you with FREE prescription discount cards which can help you save even more.   While your health insurance plan might charge a $20 dollar copay for a particualar prescritpion, our FREE discount cards we give you may offer you the same prescription with a small copay as little as $4.  No sense in paying more just because your insurance plan has a set copay for certain types of drugs when we can offer you free discounts on your prescritpions through your pharmacy.

Finally, many people overlook the cost savings of using an Health Savings Account, or H.S.A.  While they may seem confusing at first we can help walk you through an easy way to calculate your HSA savings plan.  The average annual savings with an HSA is $2300 per year.  Let us help show you how by contacting us and we will help you figure out your potential savings.

provides for Subsidies to help pay for the cost of health insurance.  Most Americans when they apply will be eligible to an amount to help pay the cost for of their health insurance.

Below you will find some sample plans and rates for each age group, but remeber these are simply for health plans alone.  We can help you easily compare these with the saving you might realize using our free prescription discount plans and help you compare these together with a Health Savings Account.

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