Group Health Insurance

Along with the Affordable Care Act businesses are now discovering several new options to help them provide coverage for their employees while holding the line on their over all costs.  Through the use of programs including but not limited to partially and fully self funded plans, Health Savings Accounts and Health Reimbursement Arrangemernts we can provided you with a number of options to your coverage.

In just a few simple steps you can join the ranks of thousands of other businesses that are discovering how to reduce their expenses while keeping as good or better benefits than you are currently providing to your employees.

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We can help you

checkLower your employer costs as much as 50% from traditional health plan costs.
checkPut the brakes on annual health insurance premium increases.
checkEnable employees to pick and choose the coverage they really want.
checkReduce or even eliminate the administrative burden of managing your health benefits.
checkLower your annual federal tax liability.


Don’t understand how?  That’s because you do what you do best, and we do Employee Health and Welfare Benefit Trusts best.   Find out now and join the many tens of thousands of businesses in America today who have learned how to maximize benefits while lowering their costs for health coverage and benefits.  Contact us today for for free information on how, no obligation.