First days on the Exchanges

With the launch of the Health Insurance Exchanges on October 1st of 2013, there have a been a number of reports about millions of people unable to gain access to the exchanges.  Time out errors, computer glitches and all that fun computer stuff that makes our lives so much more fun.  The simple fact is enrollment began October 1st, but runs until March of next year, and no matter what, you coverage will be effective prior to January 01, 2014.  So why not take a breath, relax and wait 30 days until November and let the Exchanges work some of their bugs?    Even if you are one of the lucky ones to get logged in and shop for a plan during these early days, there already have been a number of reports of inaccurate quoting on the exchange will be even more frustrating come January when that first bill arrives in your mailbox.  Never mind the potential for computer threats to your personal data as well.  We suggest to take a step back, let the exchanges work out their “bugs” over the upcoming few weeks and then get online in a more stable environment.  This is definitely one of those times it will not pay to be one of the first.